HAIRY BELLY BEES/ Megachile fidelis

  Kamloops has a very low abundance of Hairy Belly Bees (Megachilidae family).   Want to HELP them out? They need homes! Come to a workshop at the Big Little Science Centre on February 10, 2018.  10:00 am - 1:00 pm. ​​Learn what they look like, what their needs are and how to...

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and the WINNER is: Cornus Canadensis (Bunchberry)

July update: Thank you to everyone who voted. The official winner ( by a mile or perhaps kms ) is Cornus Canadensis commonly known as Bunchberry       What’s the National Flower of Canada? We have an official tree- the maple, but we do NOT have an official flower!  ​​Master...

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CULTIVATING COMMUNITY: A Guide to Starting a Community Garden

Cultivating Community:  A Guide to Starting a Community Garden Congratulations to Shelaigh Garson, a Thompson Shuswap Master Gardener and coordinator of the City of Kamloops Community Gardens. She has written a book about starting community gardens.  A PDF copy of this book is...

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(photo courtesy of Vancouver MG Karen Bos) Supporting Bees & Beneficial Insects, Why Should We Care? An informative pamphlet detailing what to grow to attract pollinators to your garden. Learn which plants attract honey bees, native bumblebees, native solitary bees and...

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How to do a Germination Test on Seeds If you have saved seeds from your own garden, or been given some seeds from another's, you may wish to check to see if the seeds are still viable before you plant them.  A simple germination test will give you the answer.  Here's how to do...

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Seminar with Dr. Linda Gilkeson: Life After Pesticides ~ Archived

Seminar with Dr. Linda Gilkeson Life After Pesticides: Saving Our Pollinators One Garden at a Time Saturday April 20 Campus Activity Centre: room 130 (Alpine Room)  Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC 9:00 am - 4:00 pm seminar: $35   catered lunch: $20  presented by the...

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Tomato Festival 2011 ~ Archived

At a TRU/FOG brainstorming session in the spring an MGiT put forward the idea of a tomato festival based on the history of canneries in Kamloops. A committee was formed, a site found and a date set. On September 17, the Stuart Wood School grounds alongside the Saturday Farmers...

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Seed Tapes

     How to Make Seed Tapes     You will need:  seed, ziploc bags, paper towels cut in 1 1/2" - 2" strips folded in half.     Squeeze bottle, food colouring, 1 tbsp cornstarch, 1 c. water Step 1:    Prepare glue:  Dissolve cornstarch in water over medium heat until mixture boils...

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Tribute to Master Gardener, Jeannette Moslin who passed away August 5, 2011

Kamloops has lost one of its dedicated gardeners with Jeannette Moslin's passing on August 5th.  A charter member of Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners Jeannette along with Master Gardener John Moslin created the beautiful Marjorie Willoughby Hospice Gardens (see attached...

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Pollinator Gardening

An informative pamphlet detailing what to grow to attract pollinators to your garden.  A collaborative effort by  Kamloops Master Gardeners Elaine Sedgman and Fearon Blair and the city of Kamloops.  Available in Colour or BW versions.

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Thompson Shuswap Master Garden Tour & Tea - Salmon Arm

On June 18, 2011 the Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners gathered and traveled to Salmon Arm for our 3rd annual Master Gardener Tour and tea.  This is a summer get together for Master Gardeners that offers a chance to visit each other's gardens and socialize.  Because we have 2 MG...

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