Pollinator Gardening

An informative pamphlet detailing what to grow to attract pollinators to your garden.  A collaborative effort by  Kamloops Master Gardeners Elaine Sedgman and Fearon Blair and the city of Kamloops.  Available in Colour or BW versions.

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Thompson Shuswap Master Garden Tour & Tea - Salmon Arm

On June 18, 2011 the Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners gathered and traveled to Salmon Arm for our 3rd annual Master Gardener Tour and tea.  This is a summer get together for Master Gardeners that offers a chance to visit each other's gardens and socialize.  Because we have 2 MG...

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Junior Master Gardeners Summer Course, Victoria

Give your children or grandchildren FIVE sessions of learning and fun as Junior Master Gardeners this summer.    The course promotes a love of gardening, and helps them develop an appreciation for the environment.  The kids will learn how to grow veggies, find out about...

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VIMGA's workshops

 The Vancouver Island Master Gardener's Association (VIMGA) now has the capability of offering workshops to enhance clinics in the communities that VIMGA serves. A series of 6 different ready to present workshops was created by our Continuing Education Committee and introduced ...

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Plants Toxic to Pets

There are many plants that should not be ingested by pets - here is a short list of common plants to seriously consider before using in your garden, if your pet likes chewing on leaves and seeds.  Many of these are also toxic for children.

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New Community Programs Start!

Victoria Master Gardeners are involved with two Community Outreach programs this Spring.  "GROW IT, COOK IT, EAT IT" is a grant-sponsored program offered by Glendale Gardens at the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific with the theme of Growing Knowledge between Seniors and...

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Growing Figs in Victoria

In Victoria, figs are fairly easy to grow.  The key to success is choosing a variety that will ripen properly in our area.  Discussion includes basic requirements, cultivation, winter care, pruning (with photos) , and a list of suitable varieties.

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VMGA Gardening Resource List - Victoria, Mid-Island and Provincial/National Information - 2016

The Victoria Master Gardener Association offers this updated reference list of gardening organizations as of March 2016.  The resources are divided into three sections: Victoria, Mid-Island and Provincial/National.  Click on the individual links within the document for further...

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Grow Me Instead

A number of pretty, but very invasive, plants are taking over British Columbia's gardens, roadsides and waterways.  These harmful, non-natives are threatening our environment with their introduction and spread.  We are offering a "Grow Me Instead" list of alternative choices for...

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The Master Gardener Association of BC will be holding its AGM 2011: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2011. Make sure you watch for VENUE confirmation; Program details and Key Note speaker information that your Council is planning.

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NATIVE PLANTS: Pacific Northwest

A comprehensive list of shrubs, flowers, groundcovers, Garry Oak meadow and shoreline plants for Southern Vancouver Island.  Both botanical and common names shown, as well as preferred habitat.     PLEASE NOTE: Under Groundcovers there is one error:  Ranunculus repens  -...

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Deer Resistant Plants

This has been prepared by the Victoria Master Gardener Association for the Victoria area, but many plants will be the same across the province (photo courtesy of Anne A. Vancouver Chapter). Click here for the Full PDF Plant List, or here for a quick 2 page summary you can print...

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