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Dig Into Spring: VIMGA Spring Education Day

Spring Education Day 2018.jpg Egan Davis, is a respected horticulture expert and garden design specialist. A former manager of collections at Van Dusen Botanical Garden, and Principal Instructor for the Horticultural Training Program at the UBC...

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VIMGA Finishes The 2017 Volunteer Year

With our home gardens put to bed for the season and the holiday season beginning, VIMGA has completed a good year. Dorothee Kieser, long-time Master Gardener, held 2017’s last clinic on 25 November. Her seminar titled, “Crop Rotation and Companion Planting,” was well attended,...

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Master Gardener Program offered this fall at VIU

Vancouver-Island-University,-Master-Gardener,-June-2017.jpg Vancouver Island University and the Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association collaborate to offer the Master Gardener Basic Training Program. Designed for the experienced home...

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Exotic Indoor Winter Blooms

Nothing says winter exotica like the blooms of the winter lily. I began my adventure with these beauties last year when I rescued a bulb that, mistreated, was struggling to survive in the back of the display box. I was always appalled at the price asked for these bulbs, but...

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Me and the Hornet Queen: When the Wasp Decoys Don’t Work

For many years I’ve kept yellow jacket wasp nests away from our house with a wasp nest decoy. I bought the first one which cost  $10, and was eaten by the wind by June. Then I discovered a DYI that has worked beautifully for years, and cost nada. These decoys work because wasps...

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Lessons Learned Transplanting in the Dry Areas of the West Coast

After a recent gardener to gardener chat, it was suggested to me that I might commit some of my thoughts ‘to paper’. For the scientists in the crowd there are no p values, just things I have learned, mostly the hard way. I am a master gardener, with basic training. I think by...

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Mid Island VIMGA members - Horticulture Therapy at Cerwydden Long Term Care Facility in Duncan

DSC_0138_1.jpg DSC_0146_1.jpg DSC_0150_1.jpg DSC_0151_0.jpg DSC_0176_1.jpg DSC_0185_1.jpg...

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Before the mercury dropped to three degrees today in mid-February, my daughter and I took up the Milner invitation to walk among the snowdrops in the garden.  We were delightfully surprised, and found many brave winter bloomers to brighten up this dreary day.  Below are some of...

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  VIMGA Volunteer Season: Behind the Scenes   VIMGA has always been challenged by its extensive area, stretching as it does almost from Campbell River to south of Duncan. Nonetheless, every year there is a spirited sign-up session, usually in Nanaimo, a central location not too...

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