About Us

The MGABC is an affiliation of local chapters of master gardeners working together to support the delivery of quality education to their members and environmentally responsible gardening advice to the public

What do we do in our Communities?

Master Gardener volunteers are represented in six different regions of the Province. Their mandate is to provide quality, research and science based information to Home Gardeners in a variety of settings. They respond to questions from the public at garden centres across the Lower Mainland; on the Sunshine Coast; in Greater Victoria; on Vancouver Island; and the Gulf Islands; in the Okanagan; the Thompson/ Shuswap region and in Prince George. These activities are called Clinics or Outreach. Please refer to a Chapter in your area for an update of when and where they will be in a community venue near you.

Other volunteer activities include:

  • speaking to local community groups throughout the Province
  • providing support to local botanical and/or display gardens
  • participating in a variety of community projects including horticultural therapy programs in hospitals & other institutions
  • supporting a Plant Information Line in Vancouver 
  • working with students & teachers in local schools
  • sponsoring a Junior Master Gardener Program every summer; and a Gardeners' Apprentice program for teens in Victoria
  • advising on and helping with “greening” projects in community parks & public spaces
  • writing articles for local papers and garden club newsletters
  • coordinating Seedy Saturday initiatives
  • helping families to learn how to grow; to nurture; and to harvest their own food 

What do we do for our Membership?

To become a Master Gardener, our students take part in a comprehensive training program covering all the gardening basics. Local Chapters coordinate their training needs with post secondary edcuation institutions throughout the Province. Please refer to each Chapter for the Education partner in that region.

Once you have attained Master Gardener certification, Vancouver and Victoria Chapters sponsor an Advanced Training Program for experienced master gardeners.

This website is also produced by our members, for our members, and the general public.

Chapters convene regular meetings; provide education seminars and forums to keep all members informed on the latest gardening news and expert advice. Heathy plants; responsible soil management; and sustainable practices and pesticide reduction are all part of the education process. Master Gardeners practice the recommendations for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles. We bring experts in their respective fields to augment their education experience. 

The Master Gardener name is not a professional designation. Master Gardeners are only able to use this  title when they are volunteering in a capacity sanctioned by their local Chapter. We take every precaution that the information provided has been researched from a credible and reliable source; and is provided with the best intentions. Master Gardeners provide advice to the public: one plant, one problem, and one identified pest at a time.