MOST COMMONLY ASKED: Clinic Questions - Answer Resources Included

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Above: Native Bumblebee in annual Alyssum - a terrific easy-to-grow-from-seed plant for beneficial insects 

2015 the best of Questions and Answers click here

A wealth of Info based on the most commonly asked questions to Vancouver Master Gardeners is contained in these pages by clicking here .

Most of these answers relate to the Pacific Northwest Area

1. What plants are good for a shady area? For a sunny area? For a dry area?
For a wet area? For a sandy area? For a dry shady area? For containers?

2. What is wrong with this plant?

3. My Impatiens leaves are turning yellow and falling off. What is wrong
with them?

4. What type of lawn grass can I plant in a shady area?

5. What can I do about the Chafer Beetle?

6. Can I prune a leggy Rhododendron?

7. How deep do I plant a Rhododendron?

8. When can I plant Garlic and how deep?

9. What are the spots on my pear tree?

10. When can I prune a cedar hedge?

11. How do I prune my Raspberry?

12. What is eating my Kale?

13. Why didn’t my hydrangea bloom this year?

14. How do I get rid of goutweed?

15. How do I get rid of blackberries?

16. What can I grow under a cedar tree?

17. Should I use bone meal when I am planting new purchases?

18. What can I plant for beneficial insects (this includes bees) besides
sweet alyssum?

19. How do I deal with creeping buttercup (Ranunculus repens) in my lawn?

20. My maple has leaf curl, what causes this?

21. Can you make soil?

22. My maple tree has small white woolly like spots on the back of the

leaves. What are they?

23. How can I control Apple Scab?

List compiled by Vancouver MGs Cathy Chiba & Jill Wright with assistance from Sharon Hanna & Richard Hallman ~  photo courtesy of  Heather N.

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