ROMANCE BLOSSOMS - A Trip to the NW Flower and Garden Show

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 09:40 -- Admin

This years' show embodied the theme 'Romance Blossoms' with stunning landscaped gardens by the region's best known landscapers and growers.  The exhibition featured 23 grand display gardens, daily schedules of instructive and entertaining seminars, floral competition, city living displays, a garden market place and vintage garden market.
Above is the 'Over the Moon' night garden complete with over sized moon, garden pavilion and patio and meadow of flowering bulbs and colourful grasses.

An eclectic collection of art and plants is featured in this small garden/patio category. 'Sorticulture-Love on a Balcony' creates an art lovers ideal blend of colour and craft. 

The 'romance of Italy' is captured in this display called 'Giovanni's Grotto'. It features a tiered landscape of warm Mediterranean colours incorporating ceramic pots, glass, natural stone and flowing waterfall. 

An exquisite display of colour and texture from foliage and hand blown glass in a city living/patio design

The Floral competition includes Ikebana, the Art of Japanese flower arranging embodying spiritual beauty and contemplation of nature. This arrangement is from the Ohara School of the Seattle Chapter. 

A beautiful alpine waterfall is surrounded by native plants, alpine firs and pool with a 'floating' stone platform and is titled 'A Moment To Remember'. (One of my favourite spring shrubs Edgeworthia chrysantha is featured in the display.) 

'Birds do it......Bees do it' is a display constructed from recycled materials and salvaged wood and features an elevated live bee house and artistic bird houses. Blooming gardens, fruit trees and vegetable gardens are an invitation to our winged pollinators. 

Another Mediterranean-themed garden entitled 'Ravenna Gardens' features an urban condominium garden designed for a busy family and their pet and year-round enjoyment. Vegetable beds, entertainment spaces and wonderfully colourful terracotta planters are displayed. 
Valerie Halpin-Jones~ Vancouver MG ~ 


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