Fire Smart Landscaping

Scroll down to link the PowerPoint Presentation  Do you know about Fire Smart Landscaping? Brent Schorr, Victoria Master Gardener in Training, researched Fire Smart best gardening practices and best plants for the west coast. He delivered an informative presentation on the topic...

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Fire Smart Landscaping in Drought Interface Areas

This article was originally posted at the beginning of 2017 but with our recent State of Emergency declared in BC due to wildfires we are reposting. A wildland/urban interface is defined as a ‘geographical point where the diverse values of the wilderness and urban development...

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Beauty & the Blast ( Bud Blast )

Rhododendron bud and twig blight is caused by a fungus, Seifertia azalea. The flower buds turn brown and do not open in the spring. They are later covered by very noticeable black fruiting bodies called coremia the year after infection. Removal of the black buds is recommended...

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Bee Friendly Gardens

We are facing a 'pollination crisis': bee populations and species are declining as demand for pollination of crops is increasing. Loss of habitat, parasites, pathogens, pesticides, climate change and the movement of bee diseases around the globe all contribute to the decline.  ...

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BE PLANT WISE - why you should care

GET THE PLANT WISE APP.   Why be concerned about invasive plants? Invasive plants are usually as beautiful and functional as non-invasive plants, making them hard to differentiate. They are recognized globally as the second greatest threat to biodiversity! Invasive plants have...

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GARDENER'S SPRING PLANTING CALENDAR ~ it's never too early to plan

Jo-Ann Canning, well known Master Gardener , shares her Gardener's Spring Planting Calendar - A Week by Week Guide to Sowing Seeds just in time for this year's start.  Thanks to Harrowsmith Country Life, West Coast Seeds, and Agriculture Canada for ideas, climate data and some...

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GARLIC: Fall Planting - Summer Harvest

NEW INFO - to avoid Blue Mold Rot (Penicillium spp.) it is best to plant later in the fall, rather than earlier. This is one of the most common fungus diseases of stored garlic and onions. It overwinters on infected cloves, not in the soil, and it infects in warm 22-25oC (72-...

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Top Tips for a Successful Plant Sale

Prepared by the Victoria Master Gardeners’ Association 1. Only Your Best: Select the best and showiest plants to pot up. The bigger and healthier the plant, the more money you will raise. 2. Plants: You can split existing plants, dig out seedlings, start seeds in pots, or dig...

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The final talk at the Kelowna downtown library was last night, Thursday, May 26th.  Guest speaker was Lori Weidenhammer who has just published a wonderful new book, Victory Gardens for Bees: A DIY Guide to Saving the Bees. (See this link for more info: http://www.douglas-...

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GROWING FOOD In Public Spaces - A Start up Guide

What is Public Produce? The term “Public Produce” refers to edible plants such as fruit and nut bearing trees and shrubs as well as vegetables and herbs that are grown in a public space and are freely accessible to the public, according to Wikipedia. Public Produce is different...

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DEER! -- Oh Dear

Thank you Victoria Master Gardeners for updating this very useful list of Deer Resistant Plants which can be accessed by clicking the link here photo courtesy of Anne A. Vancouver Chapter General comments about deer-resistant plants:  • The most reliably deer-resistant plants...

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MOST COMMONLY ASKED: Clinic Questions - Answer Resources Included

Above: Native Bumblebee in annual Alyssum - a terrific easy-to-grow-from-seed plant for beneficial insects  2015 the best of Questions and Answers click here A wealth of Info based on the most commonly asked questions to Vancouver Master Gardeners is contained in these pages by...

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Container Vegetable Gardening

The PDF file linked below is the presentation made by Dig This at the May 20th 2015 VMGA General Meeting.  Elizabeth Cull has kindly consented to posting her slides in the public space of the VMGA website. Please click the link below to access a copy of the presentation.  It is...

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CULTIVATING COMMUNITY: A Guide to Starting a Community Garden

Cultivating Community:  A Guide to Starting a Community Garden Congratulations to Shelaigh Garson, a Thompson Shuswap Master Gardener and coordinator of the City of Kamloops Community Gardens. She has written a book about starting community gardens.  A PDF copy of this book is...

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SPRING IPM for the SWD : Asian Fruit Fly

Spring IPM for the Asian Fruit Fly : Spotted Wing Drosophilla UPDATE Nov 2016 via LInda Gilkeson: Some of the most recent information on this pest is that fall trapping could be useful control to catch the flies before they find a sheltered place to spend the winter. You can...

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TOOLKIT- WHAT'S NEW FOR MGs : Important Links

Diseases Impatiens Downy Mildew Fungus :  This disease was found in BC, summer 2013- more info here Info on the pathogen and other info  here BOXWOOD BLIGHT FOUND IN BC here List of susceptable cultivars here Pests of specific crops info here Invasive Weed alerts: Daphne...

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TANSY RAGWORT is a Noxious Weed - Send it Packing!

The Tansy Ragwort project was a joint project of Victoria Master Gardeners Association and The Cowichan Fair in 2014.  A PDF attached below provides additional information, including website references and more photographs. 1. WHAT is Tansy Ragwort? Tansy Ragwort (Senecio...

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SIX TIPS FOR EVALUATING GARDENING APPS - for your smart phone or tablet

If you have a smart phone or tablet, there is bewildering array of gardening related apps available in the Apple or Google app stores.   If you search for the word plant the top choice will undoubtedly be Plants versus Zombies – an addictive game but probably not what you were...

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What Gardeners Can Do to Prevent the Spread of Harmful Potato Pests Late blight : our # 1 concern! What is Late Blight? •Late blight is caused by a fungal-like organism( Phytophthora infestans), which affects solanaceous crops, a plant family that includes potatoes, tomatoes,...

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Learn to support beneficial insects by not using insecticides in your garden. Even the least toxic pesticides, such as soap, will kill beneficials. This fact sheet has been scanned from the original so while some visual quality has been lost the advice is still excellent and ...

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GROW ME INSTEAD - Learn about Invasives & better Alternatives

Grow Me Instead is an excellent resource for those looking for alternatives to common Invasive Plants - such as Invasive Daphne laureola pictured above. The booklet prepared by the Invasive Species Council,  may be downloaded to smart phones or tablets by clicking the link here...

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Public Gardens Bloedel Conservatory British Columbia’s Gardens (Public & commercial gardens around Vancouver & Victoria) Darts Hill Garden Park GVRD Regional Parks Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden Glendale Gardens & Woodland (Horticulture Centre...

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What has shiny, evergreen leaves, fragrant yellow flowers and luscious black berries… and threatens the delicate eco-system here? Meet Daphne laureola – in fact you might even have it growing in your garden even though it is on the list of noxious, invasive plants in BC and many...

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PEST ALERT: SPOTTED WING DROSOPHILA and impact on all soft fruits & berries

Earlier this year we shared info on the Spotted Wing Drosophila SWD has now been reported in Powell River , Aldergrove and other areas in the Fraser Valley The Ministry of Agriculture has a wealth of information including Monitoring Reports and downloadeable PDFs for Home...

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(photo courtesy of Vancouver MG Karen Bos) Supporting Bees & Beneficial Insects, Why Should We Care? An informative pamphlet detailing what to grow to attract pollinators to your garden. Learn which plants attract honey bees, native bumblebees, native solitary bees and...

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