Fire Smart Landscaping in Drought Interface Areas

This article was originally posted at the beginning of 2017 but with our recent State of Emergency declared in BC due to wildfires we are reposting. A wildland/urban interface is defined as a ‘geographical point where the diverse values of the wilderness and urban development...

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Beauty & the Blast ( Bud Blast )

Rhododendron bud and twig blight is caused by a fungus, Seifertia azalea. The flower buds turn brown and do not open in the spring. They are later covered by very noticeable black fruiting bodies called coremia the year after infection. Removal of the black buds is recommended...

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GARLIC: Fall Planting - Summer Harvest

NEW INFO - to avoid Blue Mold Rot (Penicillium spp.) it is best to plant later in the fall, rather than earlier. This is one of the most common fungus diseases of stored garlic and onions. It overwinters on infected cloves, not in the soil, and it infects in warm 22-25oC (72-...

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MOST COMMONLY ASKED: Clinic Questions - Answer Resources Included

Above: Native Bumblebee in annual Alyssum - a terrific easy-to-grow-from-seed plant for beneficial insects  2015 the best of Questions and Answers click here A wealth of Info based on the most commonly asked questions to Vancouver Master Gardeners is contained in these pages by...

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SPRING IPM for the SWD : Asian Fruit Fly

Spring IPM for the Asian Fruit Fly : Spotted Wing Drosophilla UPDATE Nov 2016 via LInda Gilkeson: Some of the most recent information on this pest is that fall trapping could be useful control to catch the flies before they find a sheltered place to spend the winter. You can...

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SIX TIPS FOR EVALUATING GARDENING APPS - for your smart phone or tablet

If you have a smart phone or tablet, there is bewildering array of gardening related apps available in the Apple or Google app stores.   If you search for the word plant the top choice will undoubtedly be Plants versus Zombies – an addictive game but probably not what you were...

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Public Gardens Bloedel Conservatory British Columbia’s Gardens (Public & commercial gardens around Vancouver & Victoria) Darts Hill Garden Park GVRD Regional Parks Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden Glendale Gardens & Woodland (Horticulture Centre...

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MGABC Provincial IPM POLICY on Promoting Plant Health

The Master Gardeners Association of BC supports an IPM approach and environmentally responsible use of pesticides.  Changes are coming July 2016  This means that you should only consider the use of the least toxic chemicals after all non-chemical alternatives have been used. ...

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2012 WEATHER SUMMARY for South Coastal BC

2012 Weather Summary for South Coastal B.C.                                    So, herewith some of the records we’ve challenged or broken in the last few years (records began at the Vancouver Airport in 1937). 2009-2010 was the warmest winter ever. 2009-10 warmest winter and...

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2011 WEATHER SUMMARY for South Coastal B.C.

The following records are for the Vancouver Airport unless otherwise noted. Vancouver airport records started in 1937. January 2011 – very wet, but no record set There was record-breaking cold in late February, 2011.  On February 25, we had a record low of -8.1˚C (previous...

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Boxwood Blight Update: 2015: Boxwood Blight moves quickly, it can be spread on your shoes or pruners. It is favoured by warm moist weather. What to look for: Distinct Leaf Spots: Orange or dark margins with a yellow halo Defoliation Volutella Blight ( not to be confused with...

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Leaves: Love 'em, don't lose 'em

~ Raking in Nature’s Bounty ~ Tree roots penetrate through top soil and deep into subsoil taking up valuable mineral nutrients through their roots and storing them in their leaves, which fall to the ground and decay, completing one of nature’s most important cycles. Pound for...

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News & Tips

Can I continue to compost in the winter? If so, what can I add to the pile? Yes, although the process will be somewhat slower, the worms and microorganisms are still active and working in the cold. Left over garden debris like small twigs and leaves make good additions. Be sure...

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