Fire Smart Landscaping

Scroll down to link the PowerPoint Presentation  Do you know about Fire Smart Landscaping? Brent Schorr, Victoria Master Gardener in Training, researched Fire Smart best gardening practices and best plants for the west coast. He delivered an informative presentation on the topic...

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Bee Friendly Gardens

We are facing a 'pollination crisis': bee populations and species are declining as demand for pollination of crops is increasing. Loss of habitat, parasites, pathogens, pesticides, climate change and the movement of bee diseases around the globe all contribute to the decline.  ...

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Top Tips for a Successful Plant Sale

Prepared by the Victoria Master Gardeners’ Association 1. Only Your Best: Select the best and showiest plants to pot up. The bigger and healthier the plant, the more money you will raise. 2. Plants: You can split existing plants, dig out seedlings, start seeds in pots, or dig...

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DEER! -- Oh Dear

Thank you Victoria Master Gardeners for updating this very useful list of Deer Resistant Plants which can be accessed by clicking the link here photo courtesy of Anne A. Vancouver Chapter General comments about deer-resistant plants:  • The most reliably deer-resistant plants...

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Container Vegetable Gardening

The PDF file linked below is the presentation made by Dig This at the May 20th 2015 VMGA General Meeting.  Elizabeth Cull has kindly consented to posting her slides in the public space of the VMGA website. Please click the link below to access a copy of the presentation.  It is...

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TANSY RAGWORT is a Noxious Weed - Send it Packing!

The Tansy Ragwort project was a joint project of Victoria Master Gardeners Association and The Cowichan Fair in 2014.  A PDF attached below provides additional information, including website references and more photographs. 1. WHAT is Tansy Ragwort? Tansy Ragwort (Senecio...

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Master Gardeners answer a lot of questions of the “what’s wrong with my …” variety.  A typical exchange begins “My Hosta leaves are yellow.  What can I do?” The first step is to understand basic plant chemistry, in this case photosynthesis, which is how plants turn the sun’s...

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Plants Toxic to Pets

There are many plants that should not be ingested by pets - here is a short list of common plants to seriously consider before using in your garden, if your pet likes chewing on leaves and seeds.  Many of these are also toxic for children.

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Growing Figs in Victoria

In Victoria, figs are fairly easy to grow.  The key to success is choosing a variety that will ripen properly in our area.  Discussion includes basic requirements, cultivation, winter care, pruning (with photos) , and a list of suitable varieties.

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VMGA Gardening Resource List - Victoria, Mid-Island and Provincial/National Information - 2016

The Victoria Master Gardener Association offers this updated reference list of gardening organizations as of March 2016.  The resources are divided into three sections: Victoria, Mid-Island and Provincial/National.  Click on the individual links within the document for further...

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NATIVE PLANTS: Pacific Northwest

A comprehensive list of shrubs, flowers, groundcovers, Garry Oak meadow and shoreline plants for Southern Vancouver Island.  Both botanical and common names shown, as well as preferred habitat.     PLEASE NOTE: Under Groundcovers there is one error:  Ranunculus repens  -...

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Deer Resistant Plants

This has been prepared by the Victoria Master Gardener Association for the Victoria area, but many plants will be the same across the province (photo courtesy of Anne A. Vancouver Chapter). Click here for the Full PDF Plant List, or here for a quick 2 page summary you can print...

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